What to Look for in a Man

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Every girl has their own version of a dream man. The thought of growing up with the love of your life and spending your old days together in the future that every woman wants. But to make that come true, you must first get into a relationship and find yourself a partner, which is not as easy as it sounds to be done. Dating can be tricky because when you are with the wrong one, it can be the most horrific experience ever. Since there are a lot of males out there, that can make your heart skip a beat. You need to have a list of things that the man needs to have if the person want to be in a commitment with you. Do not get blinded by love and look out for these essential things that the person must have because they can have your heart.

Values in life

There are two types of values that you want to find out about a man, the first one is terminal values, and the other is instrumental. Terminal values is what he wants in his life, is it money, family, health, social life, or perhaps freedom. And instrumental values are how he wants to achieve his goal either through honesty, hard work, tenacity, many other possibilities. Figuring out his motto will help you to decide whether you can stand being the person for a long-term or not because it will be hard to be in a relationship with someone that will always disagree with you.

Financial stability and future

workThough money is not everything, you do need it to survive in this life and live comfortably. Especially if you are thinking about starting your own family in the future which cost a lot of fortune, you need to be sure that your partner can work and make money alongside you. This factor does not mean that you have to date someone rich, because what matter is the willingness to work and find a way to put the food on the table.


relationshipNo matter how crazy your fantasy is in bed, and despite that you might enjoy fooling around with another woman and your man the relationship is going to be a different thing. Being cheated on is the saddest thing that can ever happen to any partner because it will make you feel like you are not worthy. So loyalty is one thing that you want to check on before you jump into any commitment with someone.